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Rhode Runner Fun Run

NameRhode Runner Fun Run
From You5269.35 Mi
Meeting Address657 North Main Street, Providence, RI, United States
DetailsSick of running all by your lonesome? Join us for our Wednesday night group run! We've got a great group of 25-30 people who join us regularly and we'd love to add some more! All levels of runners and walkers are invited, we have a 3, 5 or 7 mile loop to run and if you're in the need for some speed we have a track workout as well!

This is also a great spot to try out the latest and greatest from all of our vendors, we'll bring them in a few times a month they'll let you test out the newest product and they may even bring some snacks and a few brews...or pop for those under 21! Our run starts at 6pm and we gather in our New Balance Community Room.
Owner Is Contacteric@rhoderunner.net
Days Of Week
  • Wed
Start Time06:00 pm
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