Frequently Asked Questions

  • Loca-what?!

    lo•ca•lei•kki [loh-kuh-lay-kee] verb. Play local.
    lo•ca•lei•kki pronunciation
    The name is a riff off of the concept locavore: loca for local and leikki means play in Finnish--play local. We wanted a name that captured the concept of play, exploration, community...and just mashed up words until one clicked!

    What's it all about?

    Have you ever been traveling and wanted to find a good place to run, walk or ride? Or maybe you had a workout to do and would enjoy jumping into a local group's training session if only you could find one? Us too.
    localeikki focuses on locally recommended, publicly accessible places to be active.
    • Locally recommended: localeikki is about crowd-sourced knowledge of active places--locals sharing details on their favorite community resources for activity (trails, bike paths, standard cycling routes), knowing that if we all pay it forward we'll know where to run, hike, walk and bike on our next travel adventure too.
    • Publicly accessible: communities everywhere have great active places--bicycle & pedestrian paths, trails, parks, etc.--so you're really never too far from someplace to run, bike, or walk/hike. These publicly accessible locations are typically more useful to a traveler than routes mapped from a stranger's front door. By creating a database of more traveler-friendly active places, communities can show off some of their greatest assets.
    1 picture = 1,000 words: listings include pictures, as well as details about the place (e.g., features, max distance, type of activity possible, surface, description) and geo-location to get you there from wherever YOU are.

    localeikki's goal is to help you find great places to be active, & people to do it with, no matter where you are. We hope to grow a community of active folks that share great places and promote physical activity for all.

    Who's involved in localeikki?

    localeikki was founded in 2012 by Tracy McMillan, a former professor of urban planning and public health (a Longhorn and a Jayhawk in that previous life). She's worked in education, research and advocacy related to healthy, active communities for almost 20 years.

    Tracy also worked in the running industry for many years with her husband Greg (McMillan Running Company) and knows the camaraderie that exists in running at all levels. We support one another when we're running, and we can support one another to keep running using a tool like localeikki. localeikki embodies her passion for exploring new places to play, which she hopes to pass on to her young son.

    Taylor Thomas shares a similar vision and came on board as a co-founder a few months after localeikki began. He brings his expertise & experience in the cycling industry, where he's done everything from sales to professional racing to advocacy. He would love nothing more than to see every person being active outdoors. His involvement with localeikki gives him an outlet to show people that recreation opportunities exist all around them. When he's not preaching the localeikki gospel, he uses localeikki to find, and share, great experiences with his wife and two dogs.

    The programming team at 2b design & development, led by Darryl Brown, takes care of all the technical aspects: database, website & mobile apps.

    We'd be lost without all of our awesome ambassadors who came on board early in the process to help us refine the products, add content and spread the localeikki love. Please check them all out on the ambassador page, and see who is representing your area!

    OK, how do I 'localeikki'?

    If you're reading this you've already taken the first step in playing local by creating a login. Now you can search, add places, rate, comment, & share images. You'll also be able to build out your profile as we add enhancements to that as we grow. Help us spread the word about localeikki by sharing places via Twitter & Facebook, and telling your friends to sign up too!

    Where did the idea come from?

    It came from our professional backgrounds and our own struggles as traveling athletes, plus what we heard from other active folks who traveled. There were some 'make do' solutions out there. We thought we could create a product that efficiently addressed the primary pain point: "Can't tell you how often I travel & just don't know where to run or bike.

    What is the geographic focus of localeikki?

    We like to say that while North America is our immediate focus, worldwide recreation domination is our ultimate goal! Seriously, we love for people to sign up & add content from anywhere across the globe. However, at this early stage our proving grounds, so to speak, is primarily US/Canada.

    Is the database complete?

    No, we're just getting started. The information found on localeikki is crowd-sourced, meaning the users of localeikki are sharing their favorite places & group activities (and finding new ones based on what others shared). The growth is organic and will take a bit of time. However, new folks sign up & new places/group activities are added each day! We'll be adding new features/functions over time that will encourage more sharing as well. If you've searched for a place to run, hike, walk or bike and didn't find anything close by, we encourage you to do 2 things: 1) keep checking, since we're growing each day; and 2) play it forward by adding a place if you find one!

    What's next?

    We have a long list of 'wish list' features & functions that we'd like to implement in 2014. However, our first step is to make sure we have good product-market fit: essentially, are we truly creating something that people like, want & will use? We hope so, but we need folks to let us know. If you're a localeikki user, shoot me an email at to tell me the good, bad & ugly. If you've checked us out & opted to not sign up, I'd love for you to let me know why.

  • How do I search for a place to run/hike/walk or bike?

    To search in your current location, enter the city or full address in the text box next to the word GO! (if your browser hasn't already asked if you'd like to use your current location). This will generate a general search of all places closest to you, with no search filter applied (Note: if you're searching by just the city/state combo, distance 'from you' will be based off of the given city center). Scan the places and click on any to get more detailed information.

    To search in a different location, just type that city/state combo or specific address in the text box and hit GO!

    To filter the search by activity type, distance you want to go, or a certain feature set, select the advanced search button and make your choices. We'll be adding the ability to search by place name at a later date.

    The database is growing each day. If you don't see your favorite place, please add it! Like we said, that's what we're all about.

    How do I search for a group activity?

    It's the same process as a place search (see above). You can then refine the search by day of the week, time, or activity type.

    My group would be a great addition! Can I just add it?

    Group activities are a more recent addition and we're building out that content primarily by reaching out to local specialty outdoor retailers and local clubs. Help us connect to yours! Email if you're with a club or local retailer and want to add your content to the database.

  • How do I add a place?

    In the top navigation bar, select 'add,' then 'add place.' You'll be directed to the Create Place page, where you can tell us all about your favorite place.

    When adding a place, we ask that you include at least one picture, drop a location pin at a good start/parking location (see question on setting location below), include the features that are present, and provide a description. Local tips are snippets you think would be useful for folks to know (140 characters or less).

    How do I set the physical location of a place on the map?

    If you are standing in the exact spot where this place is located, just select 'Set to Current Location.' If you are anyplace other than the exact spot, follow these steps:
    • 1. On the Create Place page, under Location, click on the button that says 'locate on map.' This will open the map graphic, with a head & shoulders noting where the location is currently set (probably wherever you are at the moment if your browser geo-located you, or in Flagstaff, because that's where we are!).
    • 2. Zoom out, scroll around & zoom in again to get to the correct location.
    • 3. Once you've found the correct spot, just click that spot on the map to drop a pin.

    If you've already added the place and need to edit the location: On the place detail page, click the Update button. This will take you to the editing page, where you can change any of the content of this place entry. Again, under Location, click on the 'locate on map' button and follow the same process as above.

    How do I edit a place in the database?

    If you are the person who initially created a place; are an administrator; or a local ambassador(s) for a given area, then you will see an Update button at the top left of a detail page. Hit that, and edit away.

    If you are NOT any of these 3 people, then you can rate, comment and add images to your heart's content but you cannot edit a place's original content.

    However! If you see information that is blatantly incorrect and/or dangerous (not just different than how you'd describe something), please let us know at Be sure to tell us the name of the place, the issue & the correction.

    What if the place I want to add is already in localeikki?

    Help tell a more complete story about that place by rating it, commenting and adding pictures!

    How do I add an image to a new place?

    At the bottom of the 'Create Place' page, click the 'Add Image' button. On the next page, click browse to find & select your image in your library/camera roll/photo stream. Click upload; this will take you to a page to crop your image. Once you've adjusted the crop size, hit 'crop image' -- BOOM! You are done! To add more images, click on 'Add Image' at the top of the detail page & follow the same browse/upload/crop steps outlined above.

    How do I add an image to an existing place?

    On the place's detail page, click 'Add Image.' On the next page, click browse to find & select your image in your library/camera roll/photo stream. Click upload; this will take you to a page to crop your image. Once you've adjusted the crop size, hit 'crop image' and you are done! To add more images, click on 'Add Image' at the top of the detail page & follow the same browse/upload/crop steps outlined above (soon enough you'll be able to add multiple images & caption them in fewer steps).

    Can only ambassadors add content?

    Nope! EVERYONE who signs up will hopefully play it forward by adding their favorite local spot. Think of it this way: where would you send a running/hiking/biking friend if they came to visit your hometown? And even if you're not the local in a given area, if you find a publicly accessible place to run, hike, walk or bike that isn't yet on localeikki, please add it! I know for myself that I overlook some of the best places close to me.

    How do I add a group activity?

    (1) Select "add group" from add menu in the top navigation bar. (2) Fill in the details about the group activity: name, sport, pertinent information (social/workout, web location to refer folks to if the meeting location changes weekly, post-activity meet-ups, etc), start time, and days of the week. (3) Type in the meeting address or find it on the map. (4) Set the main contact person (if not you, then deselect the "Owner is contact" button & enter the correct information. (5) Hit "Create" if you are not adding an image OR select "Add Image," add a great group shot, crop it and you're done!