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Belle Meade Boulevard

From You6043.86 Mi
Local TipsPolice will ticket a large group if you are running abreast on the BMB & if running by curb (must run by median).
Created (yyyy-mm-dd)2013-07-23
Created ByAl
  • Paved
  • Running
  • Walking
  • Road Cycling
  • Parking
  • Drinking Water
  • Lighting
  • Hills
  • Flat
  • Out And Back
  • Baby-Jogger Friendly
Street Crossings
  • A Few
Max Distance4-6
Volume of Use
  • Steady
DescriptionThe Belle Meade Boulevard in Nashville, TN is a great place to run and bike. The BMB is a 2.5 mile stretch of road with beautiful homes and a dedicated interior median for running, walking and jogging. These features make it a central hub from which you can add mileage by using adjacent Percy Warner Park or the neighborhood side streets, creating a run up to 15 miles. The additional miles do not add much elevation, unless you venture into Percy Warner Park at one end of the Boulevard, if you're looking for that strong hill workout. The ability to use side streets and neighborhoods that link off the BMB for additional mileage make this a favorite for runners and joggers. During marathon training season, there are many groups and water stations along the BMB.

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  • Relatively flat, especially compared to Percy Warner Park. Not as great on a hot summer day or later in the day due to traffic. Watch out for SUVs driving too fast and not paying attention. Run, walk, or ride your bike. ( by kmays on 2013-09-14 )