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Elden Lookout Road

From You7429.82 Mi
Local TipsExcellent hill training for those mountain runs. Park once road is dirt and run to Oldham Park (makes 8 mile round trip)
Created (yyyy-mm-dd)2013-06-09
Created ByO
  • Soft
  • Running
  • Mountain Biking
  • Parking
  • Hills
  • Out And Back
  • Good For Workouts
Street Crossings
Max Distance11-14
Volume of Use
  • Steady
DescriptionA forest service road up Mt Elden. Access to several trails but is great run/bike in itself for elevation training.

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  • Climbs from 7000 feet to 9500 feet. Wonderful grinding uphill with great views as your reward. Lots of singletrack trails intersect the road so lots of options besides just an up and back. Road is closed once snow hits but often still runable. ( by Tracy on 2013-08-15 )
  • Great point Tracy! Watch for bikes on their descent as well; they are on top of you before you hear them. ( by O on 2013-06-09 )
  • Lung burner on the way up but so satisfying on the descent! Light vehicular traffic on the road so be aware, particularly on bends. ( by Tracy on 2013-06-09 )