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Parc du Cinqantentaire Jubelpark

From You3522.42 Mi
Local TipsMetro stations Merode and Schuman take right to the park, though if you're going to travel, there are better options.
Created (yyyy-mm-dd)2015-12-19
Created Byeegan
  • Soft
  • Running
  • Walking
  • Flat
  • Loop
  • Has Playground
  • Family Friendly
  • Track
Street Crossings
  • None
Max Distance0-3
Volume of Use
  • Steady
DescriptionThis is a small but pretty park located close to the EU headquarters, so a good place for those visiting the city on political business to get some exercise in. A circuit of the full park is no more than a mile, though there are many paths, so you could mix it up a little bit. Not the best park in the city for running, but adequate if you're staying in this part of the city. The paths are mainly crushed gravel. There is a playground and some museums, so the rest of the family can be entertained while you're getting a workout. There always seems to be other people exercising, so you won't feel out of place. Best of all, there is also a public access tartan 6-lane track. The track isn't quite 400m - if you run in the outside lane, 4000m is a few metres longer than a lap. There is a sign near the finish telling you the adjustments for 400m, 800m, 1500m etc.

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