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South Ridge Trail

Mountain Center,  
From You7736.18 Mi
Local TipsThe hike is exposed with no water access. Start early in the summer time and bring traction in the winter.
Created (yyyy-mm-dd)2015-01-17
Created BycaseyCab
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DescriptionThis is one of the best trails in Idyllwild! The first thing you'll need to do is get a Wilderness Permit at any of the ranger stations in town. They are free, but are required for backcountry access. Be sure to keep the permit with you when you're in the wilderness area. The approach to the parking area can be steep and washed out. It's probably best done with a higher clearance vehicle. The FS road ends and the trail head is at the end of the road. There's also access to a camping area here, but it does not lead to the trails. Look for the South Ridge Trails signage to begin your activity. The trail proceeds to Tahquitz Peak Lookout. From both the trail and peak are spectacular views of the Desert Divide, Strawberry Valley and beyond. Beginning at 6800 feet, the elevation gain is 2000 feet, with the last mile or so being more steep and technical above tree line (11 mile roundtrip) There's a lookout tower on the summit that makes for a nice resting spot with panoramic views.

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