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Harding Truck Trail

From You7786.15 Mi
Local TipsBring water! This is an exposed trail and can be dangerous in hot and sunny weather. It is considered National Forest, so bring your Adventure Pass!
Created (yyyy-mm-dd)2015-01-15
Created ByBen Bartley
  • Soft
  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Walking
  • Bathrooms
  • Parking
  • Limited Hours
  • Hills
  • Out And Back
  • Dog Friendly
Street Crossings
  • None
Max Distance15-39
Volume of Use
  • Low
DescriptionUp, up , up... then down, down, down. This is a closed-to-motorized-vehicles 4x4 road that begins at Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary and ends at N Main Divide Rd (an open-to-motorized-vehicles 4x4 road) at a place commonly referred to as 4-corners because of the cross of 4 roads (N Main Divide from 2 ways, Harding, and Maple Springs). You can continue from here to numerous places - most common being Santiago Peak via N Main Divide Rd, also Modjeska Peak.

This route is climbs up until you turn around, the only reprieve is a short and fast down after the first mile and at about 7 miles in where you get a slight downhill/flat for a mile, then it kicks back up for the final stretch. The first 4 miles are the most aggressive averaging about 9-11% incline.

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