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Penny Pines Trail

From You5881.21 Mi
Local TipsYou'll need an adventure pass to park. They're available at the store in Mount Laguna.
Created (yyyy-mm-dd)2014-12-27
Created BycaseyCab
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DescriptionThis is the most popular place to access the Nobel Canyon Trail. Access to the trail is on the west side of Sunrise Hwy. While Nobel Canyon may be the most popular trail here there's also links to the PCT and Sunset Trail providing many different loop configurations. The Nobel Canyon Trail is an IMBA Epic trail meaning that it's one of the most unique trail systems in the country. You'll descend nearly 3,000 ft through several different climate zones before reaching the bottom. The last several miles of the trail are extremely technical with large rocks and exposure making for an interesting ride or run. The entire trail is 10 miles long. It's most common "shuttle" the trail and park a car at the bottom for the ride back up. If you're on foot be mindful of mountain bikers as they're most common on this trail.

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