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Crestridge Ecological Reserve

El Cajon,  
From You7760.30 Mi
Local TipsThere's water stations along some of the shorter loops inside the park. However, not as you get farther away from the trailhead. Trail maps located at trailhead
Created (yyyy-mm-dd)2014-11-22
Created BycaseyCab
Street Crossings
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DescriptionThis Reserve is a great resource that provides tons of open space without having to head too far east. Accessible just off of the 8 it's a great place for a hike, run, or bike ride. This is one of several entrances, but has the most amenities out of all of the others. Park at the end of the street and enter past the cattle guard. There's many trail options once inside the reserve. Follow some of the shorter loops in the valley, or head West along the river to access more trail. The terrain is mostly wide single track and double track/forest service road, which makes for a great non-technical trail run or hike.

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