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Lake Cuyamaca Loop Trail

From You5882.19 Mi
Local TipsGet your parking pass at the tackle shop on HWY. 79 before parking in the lot.
Created (yyyy-mm-dd)2014-09-07
Created BycaseyCab
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DescriptionThe best places to access the loop trail is at the main parking area for the lake. You can follow the trail in either direction, although it is not as well maintained and marked in the section around HWY. 79. Stay close to the lake and you'll be able to find the trail. This is a great, mostly flat, trail the follows the perimeter of the lake. We also found that this is one of the few trails in the area where you can have dogs, as they are not allowed in any of the State Forest land. If you are bringing pets, be sure to keep them on leash and out of the water. There is not swimming, by dogs or people, allowed in the lake. Despite the strict rules, this is a great easy hike with views of the surrounding mountains.

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