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Mission Trails Regional Park

San Diego,  
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Local TipsMain parking lot at the visitor center closes at 5 pm. Park outside of the lot to access the park before or after hours.
Created (yyyy-mm-dd)2014-08-21
Created BycaseyCab
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DescriptionThe largest municipally owned park in California, and the 6th largest in the country, this park is a must see. It covers almost 6,000 acres of mountainous terrain and offers something for everyone. Start here at the visitors center to pick up a trail map and get a lay of the land. From here you can go for an easy walk to the old Mission Gorge Dam, or take one of the many trails for a more challenging run, hike or ride. There is signage in the park, but it's not very detailed. Carry a map with you, and stick to main trails. There are miles an miles of access roads that can make it easy to get turned around. The trails around the visitor center are easier to navigate. Father Junipero Trail is paved with separate ped lane, and is 1.8 miles from end to end, if you want a paved run.

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