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San Diego River Trail

San Diego,  
From You7783.79 Mi
Local TipsArrive early to find parking and avoid heavy traffic on the trail.
Created (yyyy-mm-dd)2014-08-10
Created BycaseyCab
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DescriptionThe Ocean Beach Bikeway is the 5 mile section of the San Diego River Trail that begins at the trails Western entrance. Enter the trail right off of the beach for great views of Mission Bay and Ocean Beach. This section of trail connects to other parts of the San Diego River Trail in Mission Bay. This section of trail tends to be busy, but the traffic clears quickly as you get away from the beach. All total there is 13 miles of trail available in one direction. The trail is marked every 1/4 mile. While there are not bathrooms on the trail, you pass several sports complexes with public restrooms available. The only water is at the beginning if the trail at the beach access.

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