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Seaport Village Multi-Use Path

From You7803.48 Mi
Local TipsBrickyard Coffee, across the tracks, is a great place to grab coffee/breakfast or lunch before or after your activity. They close at 2 pm.
Created (yyyy-mm-dd)2014-06-30
Created BycaseyCab
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DescriptionPick up this great pedestrian pathway at the Seaport Village Station or at the other end by Petco Park. Either way this is a great run, walk, or short ride in the heart of downtown. The pathway is divided for bike and walk traffic, as well as completely separated from traffic. It provides great views of the water, historic downtown buildings, and is easily accessible from all downtown area lodging. It's also one of the few places downtown that is flat, so it's a great place for a fast run or easy walk. Along the way there are also several parks, and green spaces to stop for a picnic, to take in the views, or to stretch. You can also easily work in more milage with a detour towards the water around the convention center, or into downtown.

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