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Florida Canyon Nature Trails

Kansas City,  
From You6465.17 Mi
Local TipsStreet parking at the top of Morley Field Dr. or on Florida Rd.
Created (yyyy-mm-dd)2014-05-23
Created BycaseyCab
Street Crossings
Max Distance
Volume of Use
DescriptionA great piece of single track downtown. Florida Canyon is a perfect spot for a trail run or mountain bike ride without ever leaving the park. The access point here is adjacent to North Park and Florida Rd. However, there are access points all along the canyon on Park Rd and Pershing Rd. You can make several loops, as well as cross Florida Rd. to add more miles and climbing. Climb to the too of the canyon on both sides for great views of the city. These trails are a part if the Balboa Park system and are marked to guide you through the canyon.

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