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La Jolla Bike Path/Fay Ave. Bike Path

San Diego,  
From You7783.71 Mi
Local TipsStop at Bird Rock coffee roasters for an amazing pre or post exercise pick me up.
Created (yyyy-mm-dd)2014-05-18
Created BycaseyCab
Street Crossings
Max Distance
Volume of Use
DescriptionA great multi use pathway. You can access the path from either side, but starting from Bird Rock offers plenty of street parking, and great shops and resturants to come back to. The trail starts as dirt, but turns to pavement halfway through. Along the way you'll find parks, playgrounds, green space, and water. The trail ends at La Jolla High School where you can continue on the sidewalk for extra miles. If you're biking continue along Fay Ave. to Prospect, to Torrey Pines for a beautiful ride through SDSU. Amazing views as you climb out of Bird Rock.

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