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Salmon Creek Trail

Point Reyes Station,  
From You7965.34 Mi
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Created (yyyy-mm-dd)2013-10-06
Created BycaseyCab
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DescriptionIf you take the left fork, the trail heads down to a scenic jumble of rocks under the trees where Salmon Creek Falls form several pools. This short diversionary path dissipates near the falls, but is worth a look, and might be just right for a quick hike if you don't have time for the complete and more challenging trek.

Back on the main trail, you'll head up the side of the canyon for some steep hiking and great views over Highway 1. The trail steadily heads up and east, threading in and out of small side canyons as you make your way through open grassy areas and beguiling oak forests.

Each time you head out of a side canyon, you'll have another magnificent wide open view west towards the coast. There are a few spots where the trail crosses patches of rocky hillside, but the footing is generally steady all the way to Spruce Camp.

At just about 2 miles in, there will be a fork where the Spruce Creek trail heads off to the right. Instead, head left a short walk down to Spruce Camp which sits alongside Spruce Creek.

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