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Point Reyes

Point Reyes Station,  
From You7963.19 Mi
Local TipsYou HAVE to stop at one of the beaches. They are awesome! A great place for a break and to dip your feet into the ocean! A MUST!!!
Created (yyyy-mm-dd)2013-10-05
Created ByStephanieCase
  • Paved
  • Soft
  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Walking
  • Road Cycling
  • Parking
  • Hills
  • Out And Back
Street Crossings
Max Distance40-69
Volume of Use
  • Steady
DescriptionHoly Moly!

OK, here's the dealio. When we were going to travel to Point Reyes in California, I was expecting to document this as an awesome localeikki play place for hiking and running. I was imaging tons of amazing forest trails for hiking and running that run along the seashore. I shortly realized that this was actually a HUGE BIKING HAVEN!!!!!! This place has road biking written ALL over it, and it's popular. So, pack your bikes and head on over because it's awesome. Ya, there is some forest right before you enter into the HUGE state park, but it doesn't last too long, and that's OK because the seashore beauty that this has to offer is absolutely stunning. It's open. It's hilly. And there's a lot of cows. LOL! Cow country! Tons of open land and cattle fields. It's kinda like Montana, but right by the ocean, and way more hilly. I wasn't expecting the cows, but this just makes it even more awesome. The hills and cranky roads are sooooo charming. I love it. The views of the ocean are totally breathtaking. And, if you go, yo have to stop at the point and go visit lighthouse. It's great.

This area does have a lot of great hiking trails and mountain biking trails, too, so don't you worry mountain bikers and hikers! There's tons there for you, too! The best thing is to go online, or get one of the nifty maps with all the info on it. I took a picture of it. :) You can also go to the website www.nps.gov/pore/planyourvisit/biking.htm? for more info (when the gov shutdown ends). ;)

The little town of Point Reyes is AWESOME. Great place to stop and grab food at one of the bakeries, restaurant cafe's or farmer market grocery stores. You wont' go hungry. There are a lot of really really cute inns and bed and breakfast type of places, so if you want to stay over, you can find some really sweet places.

You can park and start right from the Point Reyes town, but I also saw a TON of bikers biking along the Sir Francis Drak Blv which is the big main road (and only) that goes right into the park. You can park along the road and bike from there, and that, too, is really beautiful. And It's crawling (in a good way) with bikers. You won't be lonely. :) It's super fun. A HUGE surprise! Great biking community. Worth the trip. :)


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